Superior Court

“My career as a Judge has allowed me to touch the entire emotional spectrum of people’s lives. Both in my private practice and as a Magisterial District Judge, I work with Pennsylvanian’s in crisis. They may be dealing with a sick loved one or a death in their family. They may be seeking a protection from abuse order or they are a victim in a violent crime. I am also fortunate enough to see people at their happiest when I officiate a wedding, honor an Eagle Scout, or join my neighbors at a local festival. Every day I see what my fellow citizens are experiencing in their lives and I have dedicated my career to help them. It is my hope that with your support I can continue to serve Pennsylvanians on the Superior Court. I want to bring your everyday experiences and concerns with me to this important bench.”

– Judge Mary Murray, Magisterial District Judge in Pennsylvania

So why am I running for the appellate court? Yes, I could easily rest on my laurels for the next 30 years, but I firmly believe that the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. As such, I am challenging myself to work tirelessly to secure a seat on the Superior Court this year. I have had the honor to serve as judge in the western suburbs of Allegheny County but I believe I have something to offer on the appellate bench. As a Magisterial District Judge I hear a microcosm of the same issues that are appealed to the Superior Court.

I thought of running for Superior Court during my first term, but decided I needed judicial experience before seeking an appellate seat. I became a lawyer at 26 and a judge at 33. Since then, I have practiced law for a generation and have gained judicial experience for over 13 years. By winning a seat on the Superior Court bench in 2017, I can serve almost 3 full terms. I can help ensure that our values are protected for almost 30 years on this important bench.