Donate by mailing checks written out to:

Judge Mary P. Murray Committee
200 Parliament Drive
Moon Township, PA 15108

Or Donate by Credit Card:

Contributions are prohibited from foreign nationals and any bank, corporation organized under the laws of any state or foreign country, and any unincorporated association (including a labor union), except those corporations formed primarily for political purposes or as a political committee. Personal, partnership, sole proprietorship and political committee checks are lawfully accepted. No contribution from a partnership, limited partnership or limited liability company may be made from funds of any partner, limited partner or member that is a corporation.

State law requires that a political committee report the name and mailing address for each individual who contributes greater than fifty dollars ($50.00) in an election cycle and the occupation and employer for each individual who contributes greater than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) per election cycle. Also, state law requires a political committee to maintain the names and addresses of each person from whom a contribution of over ten dollars ($10.00) is received.

There is no maximum contribution amount on individual or PAC contributions. Cash contributions may not exceed $100. Political contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes.